Benefits of Castor Oil to treat dandruff

If someone were to ask you to name the oil that is best for treating dandruff, what would your answer be? Almond,coconut or Olive oil? Well, the fact is you would be terribly off the mark, each time! These oils cure dandruff but not as effectively as the humble, affordable and time-tested castor oil!DABZWQoXkAA-zTJ

So is castor oil good for dandruff? If you still doubt the ability of castor oil to cure dandruff, then it’s high time you stopped doing that. Why? Read this post for the answer!

Castor oil is excellent natural remedy in treating the scalp infections which are the main cause of dandruff. As Castor oil contain rich amino acid, so its highly beneficial to treat dandruff. Also help to improve blood circulation in scalp.

How to use Castor Oil to treat Dandruff

Castor oil can be applied directly on the scalp, or it can be mixed with lighter, hair- healthy oils like coconut oil and Olive oil for intensifying its benefits. Warming the oil and massaging your scalp with it is best for improving blood circulation, hair growth and reducing dandruff. Castor oil can be left overnight for maximum benefits, or you could apply the oil about 20 minutes before a hair wash. It works either way, and it works wonders!



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